Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bike Swap Today

logo stolen from Chicago Bike Swap website
The Chicago Bike Swap is HAPPENING TODAY! Quick, take all your money out of the bank (IN CASH- many vendors are normal people and don't take credit cards) and go have a look what you can buy with it. Who wants to pay the gas bill?  Bring a big pannier to carry your treasures home. And a good lock for your bike if you're leaving it on the street while you are inside.

It costs $10 to get in for regular people, $5 for Active Transportation members or UIC i-card holders, but you're likely to make it back on your first impulse buy. This year it's in a NEW place - the UIC athletic department at 901 W Roosevelt near Halsted.

In past years, there have been really good deals on oddball things you didn't know you needed, like formerly-$200 lightweight 2005 model stem extenders or something for $5, and pretty good deals on great things everybody needs like hardly used Continental tires, 10 for $20, or Brooks leather saddles for the same price as a Wal-Mart model. I have no idea what exactly will be there this year but that's a start. Many people sell bike parts, reflectors, buttons, memberships in bike clubs, rain gear etc., and there will be many many bikes to try out, ride and maybe buy. Shops and private owners bring bikes to sell that are often interesting in some way.

There will be a collection of CARGO BIKES to try out, possibly some for sale but many that you can compare, probably most of which you can read about on our site here. Presentations and demos are planned as well, with Bike Polo, the bike-dancing Racketeers, discussions about taking kids on bikes, and more.

The whole event is planned by and benefits Chicago Bike Winter and Active Transportation Alliance.

There is food there and in the nearby area, but it's a quick bike ride to Chinatown or Pilsen or Little Italy-America or Greektown if the mood strikes you. (And if you'll be back in the neighborhood on Sunday the Maxwell Street Market will be taking place, the best place for Mexican street food and trinkets. But not today. ) So we'll be looking for you there - we'll be the ones carrying armloads of something like $2 reflector generator hub titanium rim tape . . .


  1. You are prescient! Fortunately, I did not empty my bank account and was limited to the cash in my pocket. And I needed everything I bought.

  2. We also wound up buying only wonderful things that we really really needed once we saw them, and since there wasn't an ATM at the swap this year like in the past we managed to keep it under control a bit too.


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