Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Family Folding Bike from Taiwan in Chicago

As I rode past a playground on my way to work today I came across a great bike for carrying two kids and an adult. SRS is a Taiwanese manufacturer of folding bikes and this one is their family model. The owner was there and explained he had bought it in Taiwan and that he carried his two children on it, ages 3 and 5. It rides well, he said, and was not too expensive. And he told me that bikes like this are common there but unavailable here.  With some lights and some way to carry a backpack or two this could be the perfect bike for the school run.  There are other manufacturers of similar bikes and even electric drive options.

basic 21 speed Shimano Tourney derailer gear system, hi-ten steel frame,
small wheels for easy storage and transport. The rear wheel
is suspended almost like a Brompton or similar folding bike but the hinge
is in the frame in front of the bottom bracket and the bike folds like a Dahon.
The front wheel has a simple suspension at the top of the fork.
The front child seat has footrests and is height adjustable,
with a little handlebar to grab attached in front. 

The whole top bar with seat and handle pops off to fold the bike.
The bike maker provides a LED light/horn combo to entertain the rider.
The second child sits on the rear rack seat.
From the manufacturer's website,
this is what it looks like in your car trunk or closet.
If bikes like this are available elsewhere I'm not sure why they are not sold in Chicago. Simple, practical and inexpensive, with basic but functional components, this kind of bike could make transportation easier for plenty of Chicago families.