Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No Trumpets, No Drums

Our nine year old decided to sit in the cargo box reading a book (for a change instead of pedaling his own bike) on the Critical Mass ride on Friday. The route took us through lots of industrial landscapes down to the Greater Chicago Food Depository on about 41st and Pulaski (http://www.chicagosfoodbank.org) and back. Beautiful weather and several families with cargo bikes, nearly no traffic on most of the chosen streets. 

He remarked on all the goofy things people say to him when he rides in the box. He’s been riding there since he was three so he has pretty much heard it all — he hopes to hear some new jokes,so get working. 

“Can I get in?”
“Hey kid, can I have a ride?”
“When does (s)he start pedaling?”
“Whatchu reading?”or “What’s he reading?”
“Hey kid, let the old man have a rest!” or, “Hey kid, let the old woman have a rest!”
“Hey kid, did you build that yourself?’
“How is it in there?”

He says, “People don’t usually talk to me because I am
usually hidden beneath a big pile of stuff”

Don’t forget to come out for the Halloween critical mass ride at 5:30 at Daley Plaza (leaving at 6) preferably with a bike and a costume...