Sunday, September 22, 2013

Back To School On Two Wheels

We're actually cheating a little here. Our picture is from a spring dress-up
day. Note that's a terrific flamenco skirt under the vest.

Hello there again.
Looking for useful advice about about bike commuting to school? Check here. How Not to Bike To School".... is a long post about everything you might be curious about when getting ready to bike to school with your children.  A second helpful post, "Keeping Kids Comfortable Riding In Fall, about dressing kids well for fall riding is here.  It should clear up any questions you might have about dressing children from babies to big riders,  both as passengers on your bike and on their own rides from early fall to early winter weather transitions.

The essentials of a great children's bike commute? Blossoming biking skills, a good tested route, clothing that fits the weather, safely packed school bags (especially straps) so nothing falls in the wheel, and timing — start early and take it easy.

Wishing you all of these at this autumn turn. Happy late September!