Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mayors Make It Happen

I was reading the Guardian Bike Blog today about London Mayor Boris Johnson's huge plans to create everyday cyclists- to create "delycrafication"  through the creation of new cycling superhighways and enhanced quiet cycling routes through smaller friendly streets.
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In addition to the announcement by the mayor himself the Guardian has a great column by Bella Bathhurst about being a  brave London city cyclist or wanting to be one in London.  The column here carries a link to Boris Johnson's announcement.   I especially liked a comment she makes near the end of her piece that despite changes in London's infrastructure what potential riders need is a good mentor who already rides to help learn to navigate her city's streets. This rang true to me as well, as I feel the same in Chicago.

Two other things struck me — that our own mayor speaks out so often of the same de-lycra-fied riders and has the same drive to create better spaces and draw out everyday riders — and that he is also a Mayor.  I could not help but think also of Mayor Bloomberg and his commissioner Sadik-Khan.  It's the Mayors - they seem to be the ones making new lanes happen and growing ridership!  Why is it the Mayors who have the courage and the insight into how transportation needs to evolve to include cyclists in their cities?

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