Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here Comes The Terrible Swede

We'll be at the Tillie Anderson celebration tomorrow and then Friday at the family riding
information table - come Friday and see us and enjoy the terrific museum. Festivities start at 10 and go til 8 pm. Here's an excerpt from our post about it:

... in May the wonderful Swedish American Museum of Chicago is hosting two programs about Tillie Anderson. Tillie Anderson "The Terrible Swede"  takes place on Thursday the 19th of May at 7p.m. Anderson's great grand niece will be on hand to talk about  her great aunt and her many accomplishments. Then, on Friday May 20 th  the author ofTillie the Terrible Swede will be riding her bike from Grand Rapids, MI to Chicago to be part of Tillie Ride! a day of activities at the Brunk Children's Museum up on the third floor of the museum.  

Wondering what we're talking about? More is on the original post, here.

By the way, it's the last chance until the end of this weekend to try Natalina's wonderful Sicilian pastries, up a few blocks north of the museum. She'll be making great espressos too until the end of Sunday. You shouldn't miss it. 

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