Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Metal Guys Strike Back

Well, it turns out that the Gods of the Prolerizer didn’t smile on our recent blog post as much as we were hoping. We were headed out on Friday morning to facilitate the Bike Train to school and I went to put the
kids’ bikes on the trailer. This gets the kids quickly through the scary parts of the ride and lets them ride the fun bits at the end. Remember the trailer, improved in this post? Here it is with kids and a bike inside and kids’ bikes on the back, in its original version:

Anyway, went to the garage and looked for the trailer —  the only thing not locked with a heavy chain to an immobile object — and found only the rubber tubing that protects its tow bike. 

The metal guys must have got us. 

The past few days have been busy, chaining and locking bikes and doors, and redoing the garage door opener radio things so they can’t open to the emissions from police radios and airplanes. 

Moral: ask not for whom the Prolerizer tolls. It tolled for me. 

You can look forward to yet another bike trailer post when I get around to building a replacement. Metal guys, watch this space!

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