Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Night Ride Home

We had a spring night ride on Friday's Critical Mass. Remembering the cold last month neither of our big guys wanted to take their own bikes yet, loaded up with some books and snacks, they wanted to do the ride on the tandem or in the box bike. Off we all went in the warm air. After a run south, and along the west side the ride turned east and we ended up at the beach off of Fullerton. Much warmer than March, April's ride was also far more populous. The view from the beach of the night city was beautiful. Green Lake Michigan waves roiled beyond the edges of the Lake Front Path. Soon those empty beaches will be filled with people but Friday it was just us and a few other stragglers heading home in the glow.


  1. I would love to ride along the lake in Chicago, looking at the city lights with my kids!

  2. We saw you guys at Palmer Square. I am going to try to do the ride with P this month. What time do you get to Daley Plaza so that you start the ride fairly quickly and the kids don't get bored?

  3. Hi Guys!

    We usually get to Daley Plaza about 5:45 or so. The guys like to play on the Picasso sculpture which tends to pass the time pretty well before the riders start circling the Plaza. We usually bring lots of dinner snacks, drinks and something to look at if they are not on their own bikes. The big kids say that it is more fun to ride up where you can see the other bikes- say on a seat or in the back of the Madsen as opposed to in a trailer. They love it when you can see the mass of riders in front and in back on a hill or going over one of the bridges. We'd love to ride with you guys this month! J.


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