Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Our kids winter gear is snowsuit or jacket and snowpants, fleece or wool sweater under, long wool underwear, face mask,  goggles, windproof mittens, wool socks and a warm insulated snowboarding helmet. When they are actively pedaling we adjust the fleece underlayer or carry it along. We use fleece vests instead of jackets if the weather is warmer. Check out the post about keeping kids warm riding in Fall for more info about where to get them and how to choose and care for them so they last a long time.

We have a crush on Belden St. From De Paul to the lake, it's all stop signs and lights, trees, and no busy cars. We rode it today with our friend here. We love his red trike!
We couldn't help but stop and visit the horses and goats at the Farm in the Park. They were all wearing goggles, too.

Look, horsies!

Our pannier is usually full of extra layers just in case. We almost asked our red trike friend if he needed a hat!


  1. I love the photos of kids in their snow/bike gear.

    Today I fetched a Christmas tree by bike, but didn't have any kids on board:


  2. Hey - just found your blog - love it! Do you guys ever ride over to the Wicker Park Playground? I think I've seen your blue bike on a Farmer's Market Sunday or two. We were pulling a Burley, since we only have 1 child, now he's slowly starting to ride his own bike. We'll have to look for you at the next kidical mass.

  3. Hi, Ms Ding! We're often in that neighborhood with the bikes and we often hit the Farmer's Markets. Missed the Kidical Mass Elf Ride last week but we're out and around. Thanks for the note!


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