Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Wilco, or Bob Newhart?

We took a coldish ride on Wednesday to the Field Museum and parked in a big fluffy pile of snow next to the museum. It was fun to get out on the box bike after days on the tandem. But that was the end of the fluffy snow...

Today we have a thaw just in time for the turn to the New Year. We couldn’t help but take an evening ride to dinner and around town to feel the warm breeze in our faces and enjoy being out together while the guys are still on vacation. It was surprisingly busy in town. We rode over the river to have curry just south of Printer’s Row, then had a turn through the center of town along the river and under the skyscrapers. We did a little mix of riding on the road and on and off the sidewalk through some of the big plazas that were almost empty despite all of the bustle. The bridges give a good view of the lights.

The kids enjoyed the lights and (for here) warm air. They ran circles on the river walk before getting in the bike to get home. We saw some other folks out riding in the fog and melting slush.

who says Chicago isn't beautiful?
Tomorrow is Critical Mass and it's supposed to be warmer still, before January brings another big chill. This may be the first year I can remember where the Polar Bear swim might be pleasant! Will we see you there?

Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year.

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