Tuesday, December 14, 2010

slush plus guitar

We have been out sporadically in the snow the last few days.  We put studded tires on the triple tandem for the first time this year. " Setting " the tires just before real winter arrived was a little nerve racking because of the noise and the change in ride. (we got the tires locally not through Peter White cycles. P.Whites does have an excellent studded tire primer on his site) I was especially careful to avoid bridges without plates! The kids loved the buzzy sound the bike made. We were all excited when the freezing and snow finally really started last week.
I tested the ride out with just one older kid. We tested how the studs might work on the ice with the extra length of the tandem and practiced braking and stepping off if we got too swervy. Mostly the ride has been very stable but we don't get too far from home yet. We rode with the whole crew and a guitar today- all made it out and back with out a hitch. Everyone has a thick fleece layer on under snowsuits the last two days. No one was cold and the front pedaler was not too hot-though he'd rather ride without a mask riding in the front.
The box bike had one front studded tire last week for the four miles out to school pick-up. It went really well and the back wheel gets the winter tire tomorrow.  The box studs will not be as well set at first but that just means we need to ride!

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  1. I had the studded tires put on my Dutch Omafiets about two weeks ago - just in time for the snowy/icy mess we have out there now. I rode across one bridge last weekend when it was only raining, didn't try that in the snow though.

    I'm enjoying your blog by the way - fun to read about other Dutch bike family riders out there.

    I also linked to an earlier post of yours today... just a heads up.


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