Sunday, February 6, 2011

Patagonia a little on sale

We mention Patagonia's annual half price sale in our getting dressed suggestions posted last year. We got an update on the sale which usually happens this week. The Patagonia store in Chicago and the website are having a 30% off sale this week. It's not quite their usual blow-out yet. The Chicago store said that if curious sale watchers link on facebook to their page - the only Patagonia Chicago page according to them -they will announce the deeper sale to folks linked there. They said that there is not much inventory for them to sell off this year so if there is something one covets it may be better to go with it at 30%.
I'd keep watching unless there is something you have been waiting to get. The retro -x kids jacket is a layer we have often used - buying big and handing down. It's about thirty dollars less than full price just now... so we are watching for the deeper sale if there are any left by then!

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