Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kids riding Critical Mass by a nine year old- part two of the two masses

Riding Critical mass as a kid is tiring but the end is always super cool party time. It is always better to ride in the front of the big grown ups because they ride too fast and if you need to stop you don't lose your spot and end up at the end.I think that you should eat before the ride and bring a snack on the ride to eat along the way if you get hungry and don't want to stop and delay yourself. You should always use the bathroom because if you need to go along the way there are not many places along the way,so to be safe not sorry use the bathroom. If you think you can't get home then I think you should get off the ride and go home from where you are on the ride.
 Some of the cool things about the ride are that you get to run the red lights,the police ride with you so that when the other cars on the ride crowd around and shout that they are going to call the police the police sometimes come and tell the car to get out of the ride and there's all different kinds of bikes ranging from cheap junky ones to really nice fancy bikes. A lot of times people dress up with masks make-up and suits. Sometimes people hook up music devices up to their bikes. The best people to ride behind are the people with techno music. There's also these people called the rat patrol with big tall bikes that they weld together and ones that are short and long.   And last but not least the cars, the cars on the ride are always or most of the time kept out of the ride by the other cyclists and if one happens to get in the ride smile at the driver.                

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