Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kid Carrying Bikes from the Kidical Mass

Besides the kids themselves on their own bicycles, the Kidical Mass last Saturday was a festival of adult-driven, kid-carrying bikes.  Have a look at our earlier post for some pics of the kids, or look at them on the Chainlink, the chicago bike blog. Here are some pictures of carriers from the ride:

They like the seat, though.

Kid seats and a trailer. The white seat has plastic boxes like panniers behind
the foot rests.  They looked clever, but the family hasn't found much use for them.

Ibert, and an Xtracycle kid seat on back, pulling
the child rider's  bike (it's tied on). That's
Todd's main bike speaker system on the right.
This combo holds a lot and carries two kids
and a bike.  It was my favorite except
for the 'man in the yellow hat' hat.

Chicago's first Madsen! Now that she's drilled drainage holes
in the bucket it's perfect. 

and a sag wagon for tired kids and their bikes.

Todd is everyone's hero!
The Kidical and Critical Masses need a
source of music and spectacle...
Box bike with the middle seat pulled out. The bike trailer is on the back, without the
kids' bikes on it. They're riding them!

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