Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bike Store Changes in Chicago

J C Lind Bikes in Old Town, the cargo bike and Dutch bike specialist, let us know that they will have at least one Onderwater family tandem in the shop soon to try out before you and your kid(s) fall in love with it and buy it. See our tandem page about it, possibly the best kid and parent bike ever. That's 4 of us on one in the picture. Maybe you can still get an order in fast if you call now.

And Rapid Transit Cycleshop, a 21 year veteran of the Chicago bike scene and good place for recumbents and folding bikes but not cargo bikes, is closing its doors. You still have a couple of weeks, probably, to get a deal on their inventory or get a last minute repair, but only at their North Avenue and Wolcott branch. The one on Halsted and roughly Maxwell is already closed. Last chance for Brompton or tadpole parts! 

Comrade Cycles still stocks Brompton, and you can find parts they might not have from Harris Cyclery in Newton, MA. Check out the Pere/ItChair, still only (as far as we can tell) available from Milian Parts, the manufacturer, in Catalonia. 


  1. Thanks and congratulations for everything your blog does to help promote cycling.

    Tom Labonty is also closing up at the end of this month. He is the cargo bike builder who would make custom models by using select used bikes.

    Tom's work was a big motivator for not only our project but for many others as well.

    Cycling is changing our cities for the better, thanks for keeping tabs on current events.

    Best wishes for the New Year ahead, May every push of the pedal fill each day of the New Year with laughter, good health, and new dreams!

  2. Tom Lobonty is also closing up shop at the end of December. Tom is the cargo bike builder who would make custom frames by starting from selected used bikes.

    Tom’s accomplishments were a great motivator for our project as well as for other riders.

    Congratulations and thank you for all the information your blog shares so to make cycling better.

    Bicycles are changing our cities for the better each day, your blog is great at keeping tabs and sharing the news about improvements.

    Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

    May each push of the pedal fill every day of the New Year with laughter, good health, and new dreams,

  3. Looks interesting, bikes are changing the world. Especially these types of bikes.

  4. Thanks for the information and good wishes! We'd like to be more up to date but glad what we have is useful!
    Sorry to hear about tom labonty closing shop. Just saw his orange and white creamsicle cargo bike in Chicago the other day.
    Happy new year back to you!


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