Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teachers Look Striking

The Mies Van der Rohe post office,  reflecting a small part of the CTU teachers' rally yesterday.
They filled the downtown streets for blocks and blocks, supposedly about 25,000 participants.

Our morning commute has changed this week. Instead of a school commute we are mostly riding, carrying coffee, to the picket our children's hard working teachers walk each day beginning at 6.30 a.m.  If you read us from far away you may be seeing plenty about the strike from the Guardian to the NY Times.
As CPS parents for eight years we find that sometimes the perspectives of parents with children in the Chicago Public Schools are hard to find in between the editorials. Our Mayor voted with his feet on public education where it counts. So instead of editorializing ourselves we would like to share two other perspectives if you have time.

First, Jim Derogatis, the music critic and CPS high school parent, wrote a post on the Chicago NPR station's blog,

Then, we also have an open letter to the Mayor from a parent acquaintance on Raise Your Hand. Our favorite part:

"No matter how the result of this strike will be spun, blanched and saut√©ed by your PR department, just remember your kids went to school today, ours didn’t."

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