Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Learning Space for Beginner Riders in New York City? I Want One Too!

I found this small piece from the New York Times this morning in their City Room section.
New York is designating a huge open flat but realistically rutted space to learn to ride a bike on the West Side at Pier 54 near 14th street. Classes and support  for learning to ride will be offered through Bike New York. A  veritable festival of learning opportunities will run all summer in the park for soon to be riders of every age.

 This a wonderful idea our city should steal. I  absolutely think Chicago should have a bike
beginner's learning  park. Does anyone know another city with a space like this in North America?

Where would you put the Chicago learn to ride park and who could run the workshops?
I think it might be best perfectly  nestled near a  great bakery or coffee shop. And forget those training wheels....


  1. We have one! It's in Elmhurst right off the Illinois Prairie Path and makes for a nice family ride there if you take the CTA to Forest Park first.

    Sadly, they currently only allow kids on trikes but I bet if you pitched the idea they would be receptive to you leading a demo on two wheelers or push bikes.

  2. I could lead a learn to ride demo! We checked it out on the link Ash. Thank you! Now we need one in our Fair city proper.


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