Tuesday, November 8, 2011

( Overdue) Love Letter to Bike Lanes in the New York TImes Today!

What a surprise when I found this long piece "Pleasures of Life in the Slow Lane" stashed away in the Arts section of the New York Times. A two years long overdue love letter to bikes in New York. It holds true for Chicago as we begin to actually turn the clock forward to having real cycling infrastructure. Just read it. The prose will make you swoon. Everything they say about New York is true of the potential for bikes to transform Chicago- for family cyclists too! Link is here.
Micheal Kimmelman rides along with Janette Sadik-Khan (my hero) through the city. Just imagine how amazing it will be in Chicago when we have as much bike infrastructure here and the Sun Times can take a beautiful ride after ignoring all the benefits for years? Maybe we can just skip the ignoring/ heckling part and  create cycling infrastructure in Chicago soon!

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