Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nobody Home on the Lake

I'm sure there are a few good snowstorms still waiting to hit Chicago this season, but you wouldn't know it from the last few days of sunny 60 F / 15 C weather. You still need at least a thin to medium jacket, especially in the shade, but everybody is tempted by the bright light to underdress. On a bike, you still probably need your gloves and earmuffs to be really comfortable.  We headed out with all 3 kids on the Onderwater Tandemtransporter and the shiny Chicago-made Schwinn the other day, dropped the big
ones at school and then decided to ignore our other many responsibilities and ride along the lake and through town. ( after rambling up Wolcott and a coffee stop at Kickstand  Espresso Bar on Belmont) Almost nobody was out. 

The Lakefront Path cycletrack curves through parkland 
between Lakeshore Drive and Lake Michigan.

lots of open space - next time we'll bring a kite.

There's an underpass to Michigan Ave from the lake.

We found a boutique Belgian bakery on Oak St. 
The apple turnover was nice. It must have been fate.

Back up through Lincoln Park toward school.
Smaller roads are nicer and safer and calmer than...
nasty roads like this one (Ashland near Webster)

We headed off to beautiful downtown Chicago

and back South to home.

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