Thursday, February 16, 2012

70 year olds ride bikes too, and you'll be one of them

We think bikes are great transportation for families with people from young childhood to old age. In a city that sometimes seems full of young adults on fixed gear bikes riding on "sharrow" lanes it's often easy to forget the other, bigger part of the potential bike riding public. You, for example. 

Today Jane Brody of the New York Times wrote a brief post about being a 70 year old woman who rides her bike regularly. She has tips for new riders as well. 

We all want to be 70 year old (or older) bike riders, too. And guess what? Now is a great time to make the streets better for when we get older (and for our kids now and in the future, too...)

Thinking about young and old riders is increasingly important as the City of Chicago continues to seek input for its Streets for Cycling campaign in order to plan new protected bike lanes that will be safer for everybody. People can click the maps on the site to enter their own suggested routes or contact the local community advisory groups. You again, for example. 

Don't be fooled by all the healthy looking young adults on bikes in Chicago. Think about all the other people who are already making it work, riding where they need to go. Then go to an upcoming community meeting, look at where the city is planning to change streets in your neighborhood, and make your own suggestions so the new lanes will make sense for everyone.

Then when you wake up decades from now you can zip off to ride with your grandkids to school on that old neighborhood greenway you suggested yourself as a young whippersnapper.

See you there.

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